"Make Your Pet A Star!"

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Think you have an exceptionally charismatic canine or a fascinating feline? Perhaps your pet has Star Pet potential!

Convinced that almost any pet can become a star-quality performer, Bash Dibra, celebrated dog trainer to such human superstars as Mariah Carey, Kim Basinger, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker, has created Star Pet Workshops, a new animal-actors workshop designed to transform even the most dedicated couch potato pets into bono fido performing stars. If your pet is ready for the big time and big fees of television, theater and feature film, the Star Pet Workshops are for you!

At an open casting call held in a Manhattan rehearsal studio, potential four-legged stars will be screened and evaluated, not only for performing abilities, but also for temperament and charisma. Those who make it through the screening process will undergo a six-week course of instruction in those exacting techniques that transform pet into performing professional. All Star Pet portfolios will be featured online and viewed by influential producers and art directors.

Successful canidates will display their credits on the Star Pet website, joining former Star Pet graduates who have been featured in magazines such as Vanity Fur, Catmopolitian and Dogue. Star Pet will act as a strong advocate for animal-actors' rights, from residuals to health insurance. There is also a plan in place to develop an Animal Actors Guild.

Bash Dibra, author of six best-selling books as well as a new soon-to-be released book on responsible pet ownership, is an expert in the field of animal training. He has numerous contacts in the advertising and movie industry and understands what it takes to "make your pet a star."

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