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  • James Cromwell
  • Magda Szubanski

Director: Chris Noonan

Category: Kid
Rated: G
Running time: 93
Released: 1995

Plot: A dark but adorable live-action children's fable about a pig on a farm who becomes a champion sheepdog in order to save himself from getting eaten. With James Cromwell and Magda Szubanski as Farmer hand Mrs. Hoggett. Directed by Chris Noonan.

The film Babe, produced by Mad Max director George Miller, is an instant classic. For months now the normally jaded Hollywood community has been a buzz with praise for this film that people don't like - they LOVE!

The star of Babe is a large white Yorkshire pig, who, by the way, can talk! Not like Mr. Ed - he REALLY TALKS!

The story of Babe is about prejudice on a farm where each animal has his pre-ordained place. Into this biased world comes a pig with an unprejudiced heart who takes all other animals at face value and by treating the sheep and all other animals as equals, he inevocably changes their lives and becomes a world champion sheepdog in the process.

Farmer Hoggett and his wife, Esme, are played by James Cromwell and Magda Szubanski. The other leading roles of Fly, Rex, Ferdinand, Maa, Old Elwe and Duchess are played by two Border Collies, an Indian Runner duck, two Border Leicester Sheep and a blue Persian cat! Yes, they ALL talk!

The film is based on the book "The Sheep-Pig" by Dick King-Smith, author of more than 70 novels, all of them about animals.

The voice of Roscoe Lee Brown, as the narrator and all of the wonderful characters in the film appear on this CD to retell the magical story which can be enjoyed over and over again like a classic fairy tale.

Suffice to say—the music and the film do not fail to enchant and enthral. Babe is a Universal release.

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