Bash Dibra's pet versions of Golden Globes or Oscars

The StarPet Awards, Bash Dibra's pet versions of the Golden Globes or the Oscars for dogs and cats are based on his book "StarPet." This year's recipients, Lassietm for the StarDog Award and Morris® the Cat for the StarCat Award, appeared in person to accept their awards at a Bide-A-Wee Gala in May during National Pet Month.

Lassietm is America's 'Top Dog.' Since her film debut in 1943 with Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor, she has appeared in ten motion pictures, on radio and TV shows, and has established the emotional bond for generations of children and families as one of the most enduring figures in the entertainment world.

Morris® the Cat began his career in 1968 when 9Lives® Cat Foods discovered a lonely tabby in a Chicago Animal Shelter. He had style, he had personality, and he had what it took to be dubbed 'Morris®.' This lonely tabby was soon the focus of the entire nation when he began appearing in the 9Lives® TV commercials as "Morris® the Cat." From then on, he became the! most recognizable cat in the world.

In his "StarPet" book Bash expresses the belief that there is a Lassietm or a Morris® in your pet, and with love and proper training you can make your pet shine like a 'star.'

These days Bash is busy searching for that 'special star' with the publication of his new book StarPet: How to Make Your Pet A Star. Dibra is doing casting calls, trying to find those 'special pets' that show a talent for performing, along with the temperament to work many hours on end, and charisma that can be captured by the camera.

StarPet offers advice on "how to":

  • Teach your cat or dog to pose for the camera

  • Train your pet to sit, speak, or raise a paw on cue

  • Create a professional pet portfolio

  • Attend local auditions and open casting calls

  • Practice the same techniques Dibra uses in his StarPet Workshops

  • Learn about pet health insurance and animal-actors rights

  • Receive expert advice about responsible pet ownership

Bash is an animal behaviorist, and a celebrity dog trainer -- he's trained pets of stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Basinger, Ron Howard, Martin Scorsese and Alec Baldwin. He's also a renowned author of six books and a video, "Teach Your Dog to Behave; Dog Training By Bash, DogSpeak, CatSpeak; Your Dream Dog: A Guide to Choosing the Right Breed for You," StarPet, "How To Make Your Pet A Star," and a video and DVD "TEACH YOUR DOG TO BEHAVE."

Lassietm thanks Bash Dibra with a
kiss after receiving StarDog award.
Morris® gives Bash Dibra his paw after
receiving the StarCat award.

Bash and master of ceremony actor Peter Scolari